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Crimes Against Employees

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Of course crimes against TriMet employees is up. Why wouldn’t it? TriMet management doesn’t respect it’s employees  and clearly show their lack of respect.  Management does not stand behind it’s employees when there is an issue and the public knows this.

Why should the public respect and not attack TriMet employees? They know TriMet won’t really do anything to protect it’s employees.

The TriMet Way – Screws People Everyday

TriMet Wants Fools to Volunteer

Trimet Screwing Everyone

While TriMet executives make 6 figure incomes and have obscene retirement packages that include paid for health care, they want you to volunteer to clean up stops. Really?

They fucked over their employees by reducing health care and making working conditions shittier, so now they are asking for volunteers to clean stops?

The TriMet Way – Screws People Everyday

Finally Union Leadership with Balls

After 3 years of leadership with noballs Bruce Hansen as president, the ATU757 finally has a president that is willing to standup and take on the hostile, law breaking and morally bankrupt TriMet management.

ATU757 president Shirley Block along with Vice President Jonathan Hunt gave testimony that was loud and clear. With them were other union members who stood in solidarity behind them as did many community supporters and other labor organization representatives.

The entire testimony of all pro ATU757 supporters can be seen at

TriMet Lies


See letter in previous posting.  ATU757 wants to cancel the pilot program because it violates seniority of many members. But TriMet continues to implement the program after ATU757 notifies TriMet to stop as agreed to in the memorandum.

This is another example of how TriMet willfully disregards it’s agreements.


TriMet Disregard for Employees and Law

ATU-DocOnce again TriMet shows it’s total disregard for it’s employees, the employees union and the law.

While TriMet tells the public they care about everyone, the above letter simply proves Neil McFarlane and his cronie labor manager Randy Stedman are out to put the screws to the employees and union.

Transit Driver Appreciation Day

To show their appreciation of their drivers, TriMet files a lawsuit against the drivers union ATU757. Apparently operators are screwed on the breaks if there is a mechanical issue, traffic, or any other reason. TriMet expects the operators to keep the schedule at all cost regardless of the affect on health or  possible safety.

We know driving on a cell phone is distracting, but what about the need to go to the bathroom or feeling hungry because the schedule is unrealistic? The only operators appreciate are the ones foolish enough who put their health and safety in jeopardy along with public.

And when the union steps up to help the driver, TriMet files a lawsuit.

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TriMet Interfering in Union Election

Even though the anti-union web page TriMet created is public, it’s not easily found. However, an employee using it’s private and secure network TriNet, which is only accessible to active employees who login has an icon with a different color to draw attention to it and was named contract negotiation web page. However, once there it is obvious they are interfering with the ATU757 election.

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Why? Maybe TriMet hopes to get the former president Bruce Hansen back in office. He gave away more than $700 million dollars in wages, healthcare and working conditions. Not to mention retirees had a major cut in healthcare benefits without having a vote on the contract. Trivet definitely wants Mr. Hansen as ATU757 president so they can continue to take more away from their employees and retirees.

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