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Crimes Against Employees

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Of course crimes against TriMet employees is up. Why wouldn’t it? TriMet management doesn’t respect it’s employees  and clearly show their lack of respect.  Management does not stand behind it’s employees when there is an issue and the public knows this.

Why should the public respect and not attack TriMet employees? They know TriMet won’t really do anything to protect it’s employees.

The TriMet Way – Screws People Everyday

Finally Union Leadership with Balls

After 3 years of leadership with noballs Bruce Hansen as president, the ATU757 finally has a president that is willing to standup and take on the hostile, law breaking and morally bankrupt TriMet management.

ATU757 president Shirley Block along with Vice President Jonathan Hunt gave testimony that was loud and clear. With them were other union members who stood in solidarity behind them as did many community supporters and other labor organization representatives.

The entire testimony of all pro ATU757 supporters can be seen at